Apprentices are with you because they want to be - making the choice to learn and commit to a career.

What is an Apprenticeship?

The history of Apprenticeships in the UK can be traced as far back as the middle-ages, and has been the backbone of many industries ever since. The recent developments in today’s economy are evident to us all; budget cuts mean securing the services of skilled individuals can be difficult, coupled with the increasing departmental workloads, means the need for extra help is growing. Apprenticeships today refer to a programme of skills and knowledge that can be learnt whilst in employment, and are usually funded by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) through central government.


Benefits for the Employer

By engaging an apprentice you, as the employer, can lower the overall employment costs, but more importantly though, you can offer the opportunity to mould enthusiastic individuals into an invaluable resource within your teams. Apprenticeships can help departments across all sectors, by offering a route to harness fresh new talent, and ensuring your workforce has the practical skills and qualifications your organisation can benefit from.


Financial Advantages

  • Training apprentices is more cost effective than hiring skilled staff
  • There is no agency fee for hiring an apprentice at the end of their Apprenticeship programme
  • Motivating your workforce - apprentices are focused, motivated, flexible, and loyal to the company that invests in them, so they create an overall positive effect within your existing team
  • Funding is automatically assessed for subsidising qualifications during the programme


Benefits of an Apprenticeship through Prentis

  • We are a sector specific company and would only place you within our remits
  • A pathway to independent living and a fulfilling career; a chance to earn as you learn, and gain key practical skills along the way
  • Being registered with Prentis, as a contract worker, will entitle you to full access to all the latest job opportunities we have available
  • Fully funded training for 16-18 year olds; individually accessed funding amounts
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Added employability for the apprentice; looks great on the CV

What types of Apprenticeships are available through Prentis?


  • Regeneration Project Assistant
  • Community Services Assistant
  • Performance Improvement Assistant

Customer Services:

  • Call Centre Officer
  • Counter Enquiries Officer
  • Receptionist
  • Secretary

Housing Needs:

  • Housing Options & Homelessness Officer
  • Triage Officer
  • Housing Register Officer
  • Temporary Accommodation Officer

Housing Management:Support Services, HR & Finance:

  • Housing Assistant
  • Housing Officer
  • Tenant & Resident Liaison Officer
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Officer
  • Strategy & Policy Agent
  • Rent Arrears/Income Officer

Supported Housing & Care:

  • Supported Housing Officer
  • Support Worker
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Welfare Benefits Officer
  • Asylum Specialist

Home Ownership:

  • Leasehold Officer
  • Right to Buy Officer
  • Housing Services Officer
  • Shared Ownership Officer

Facilities Management & Maintenance:

  • Multi-Trade Worker
  • Caretaker
  • Handyman
  • Cleaner

Revenues & Benefits:

  • Council Tax Officer
  • Business Rates Officer
  • Housing Benefits Officer
  • Fraud Officer
  • Appeals & Complaints Officer

Support Services, HR & Finance:

  • Credit Control Assistants
  • Procurement Officers
  • HR Assistants


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