Prentis Assessment Centre’s are a proven step-by-step method for assessing aptitude and suitability for both large and small scale recruitment of all levels. These assessments can be done in mass utilising open days, or ongoing in smaller batches whereby we cherry pick candidates as they present to us as suited to your organisation’s needs.

A candidates' personality, aptitudes, and various other skillsets are determined by a variety of techniques including but not restricted to:

The Prentis’ selection methodology  is optimised by our high value network of professional contacts, which the company has been developing through several successful projects during the last decade.  To assure that our assessments reflect the ethos and philosophy of our Client’s organisations, Prentis is partnering with various assessors and trainers, who are able to recognise the unique competencies you are looking for.

As part of our mission to reduce unemployment and increase skills, we regularly receive referrals of entry level applicants from all walks of life. Prentis frequently invite these applicants to apply to our trainee roles and attend these assessments; uniquely providing us with candidates not known to the sector.

Step 1 - Pre questionnaire meeting to confirm project requirements & objectives
Step 2 - Marketing campaign using a well targeted media-mix 

Step 3 - Response handling & 1st stage short listing 

Step 4 - Assessment Day
Step 5 - Selection

Step 6 - Placements

Step 7 - Project Evaluation

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